Dr. Oberg is a healthcare innovator who seeks to empower patients to re-claim their health and vitality.  Through a combination of cutting-edge science and the timeless wisdom of nature, she practices personalized medicine focused on nutrition, prevention, and primary care. Dr. Oberg received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine in Bastyr University in 2003, followed by accredited residency. She completed her fellowship at University of Washington’s Health Promotion Research Center, completing an MPH in Health Services with emphasis the science of health promotion, positive behavioral change and integration of complementary and alternative medicine within the healthcare system.

At Pacific Pearl La Jolla, she offers direct primary care, nutrition-based functional medicine, and personalized health informed by genetics and epigenetics. She is an expert in nutrition, metabolism and medical mysteries. She helps people seeking the underlying cause of their disease.

A leader in the field, Dr. Oberg’s research has been supported by the National Institutes for Health, the WA State Department of Health and numerous foundations. She has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers and presented her findings internationally. Dr. Oberg’s current research includes the first qualitative study of MTHFR and methylfolate. She has completed studies ranging from trials of Echinacea and vitamin D to stroke and health disease prevention across Washington State to understanding patients’ conceptions of aging and healing.

Dr. Oberg is an advocate for patients’ rights to equal access to the healthcare providers of their choice. She currently serves on the board of the Integrative Health Policy Consortium.

As an educator, Dr. Oberg has taught numerous Nutrition and Public Health courses to medical students and nutritionists, contributed to over a dozen textbooks, and has lectured internationally to healthcare providers on the science and art of health behavior change, nutrition, and personalized medicine.

Dr. Erica Oberg
Dr. Erica ObergND, MPH